Helping Hands Professional Organizing Services

Helping Hands Professional
Organizing Services

Serving Seniors in Transition since 2003

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Sooner or later, every single one of us
faces the daunting task of downsizing our
own home, settling an estate for a parent,
or placing a loved one into nursing care.

Helping Hands Professional Organizing Services
is here to help you, with any or all of the
following tasks. We will work side-by-side
with you, or we will work independently,
freeing you to focus on your family and
workplace commitments.

  • Where will you begin to sort out 30+ years' worth of belongings?
  • Do you come from a long line of "pack rats", who held onto every single possession?
  • How do you figure out what bills need paying,  and where income and savings are invested?
  • Must you sell your parents' home in order to pay for their nursing care?
  • To make things even more complicated ... what if your aging parent lives in another part of the state, or country, and you are already juggling your own job and family's busy life?

Helping Hands Professional Organizing Services
offers a variety of services. We work directly
with families in transition; or by referral from
family members, caregivers, estate attorneys,
financial advisors, and others integrally
involved with your loved one's changing needs.

  • Attic-to-basement sorting, grouping, purging and distributing of household furniture, clothing, papers, collectibles and accumulated "stuff"
  • Preparing detailed inventories and spreadsheet itemizations of valuables, books, financial information (bank accounts, bills, investments, etc.) for use by
    financial advisor and/or estate attorney
  • Providing referral resources including appraisers, consignees, haulers, auctioneers and charitable organizations
  • On-going Paper Management services including bill paying, mail processing and bank/credit card reconciliation

The BENEFITS of utilizing Helping Hands
Professional Organizing Services are plentiful.
Let us provide you with helping hands ...
when you need them most !

  • Facilitates cooperation and clear communication among family members
  • Saves time and energy
  • Reduces stress and conflict
  • Identifies precious resources
  • Clarifies focus
  • Expedites estate settlement

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